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Global Network Exhibit Design installation Company Globalcomms :

Globalcomms expand offices to Malaysia, England, U.S., Japan, and the center of world exhibit industry, Germany. This international network accomplishied proper value of each customer; moreover, this creates the capability of coordinated design and installation with world famous exhibition. We introduce the world Exhibition Industry to you.

Community Power Exhibit Design Installation Company Globalcomms :
EdLab (Exhibit Design Laboratory) and EIRI (Exhibit Industry Research Institute) conduct scientific researches in Exhibit Design. This Study reflects to practical business of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) team and Design team. Globalcomms provides the strong design power.

Sustainable EI System Exhibit Design Installation Company Globalcomms :
Exhibit Identity (EI) System is the developing total design service to achieve the maximum value of exhibit marketing result. Through this system, Globalcomms will be the best partner to accomplish the highest level of company's goal. This is the economic solution that prevents for the restarting working process of every exhibition.

Create the value beyond the image Exhibit Design Installation Company Globalcomms :
Globalcomms has circulation process system. We give full responsibility from first to last process. Not only that, we pinpoint customer's value image and create the best result for following exhibitions.

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